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Is your property ready to host a traveler? -Part 4

Shocking facts! (pun intended).

By Audrey Lynch

Electricity: Most RVs will have a battery or generator if you do not have an electrical hookup option. Homes typically have an outside 120v outlet. If you are able to offer some kind of electrical hookup this could come in the form of access to a standard exterior wall outlet with 120V, a 30-amp outlet (larger in size than a regular outlet and accepts 3 prongs) or a 50-amp outlet (utilizes 4 prongs). The more common size motorhomes and trailers run on 30 amps but the larger motorhomes and trailers with 2 A/C units, full size appliances, and luxury items like entertainment centers and washers and dryers will need 50- amps to be able to run everything. Just recently our President, Mike, had an electrician install a 30-amp outside outlet which cost him about $150. 

 Even if you only have 120V to offer, this will help extend the life of your renter’s battery and allow them to run a few small appliances. Possibly keep an extra outdoor extension cord on hand to loan to them in case they forget to pack one.

 ***A special note: even if you don’t intend to provide electrical hookups year-round seriously consider offering them during colder weather for RV owners to plug electric heat cables or heat tape into to keep their pipes from freezing. Just like your house pipes can freeze and burst, so can the motorhome or travel trailer pipes – and no one wants a burst black water (sewer) pipe! The heat cables or tape usually use 120v or 240v and can plug up into your standard exterior wall outlet.***

 The chart below is a general reference for your planning purposes. It is a general guide. Recreational Vehicles and travel trailers come in many shapes and sizes. The more information you provide in your UpClose host listing the easier you will make it on the traveler. 

UpClose RV

Finally, thanks for your consideration of becoming a host with us. We are here to help guide you through the process. Feel free to email or call us if you have any questions at 



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