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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a membership fee?

NO. You shouldn't have to pay just to see or use our website. We started this business to help the RV community as well as property owners.

How do I contact you?

Phone: (833) 725-6737 Email: or send us a message through the support page at the top of our site.

How much can I make?

There several factors that impact how much you can make to include area, amenities, and demand. We provide you with the ability to reach out to RV owners looking for places to stay. You set your own price and calendar. The current national average for an RV site is about $29 a night. There are some sites that charge up to $199 a night.

How much does UpClose-RV make?

Nothing upfront: We only get paid when you do. The property owners make 97% of their asking price. We add a 12% booking fee to the traveler at the daily rate and a 6% fee at stays longer than 30 days. This is lower than the typical "Airbnb" model.

As a host do I have to have RV hook up for my guests?

While hook-ups are convenient for your guests they are not necessary. However, most residential properties can provide water and 20amp (110v) service. Additionally, most RVs come with internal holding tanks for both sewage and fresh water. They also traditionally come with batteries, Some even come with solar panels and generators. Generally, your guests will be self sufficient...that's the kind of people they are :)

How do I get paid as a host?

We use a company called Stripe. They are a "top of the line" financial processing company. They offer secure payment directly to the account you set up with UpClose-RV

Do I have to have a large property or lots of acreage to be a host?

No. There are many small RVs out there. If you have space in your driveway that will fit some of these then there is opportunity for you to be a host. Just make sure you get an accurate measurement of the space you are going to provide so that potential travelers get a good idea whether they can fit before they arrive. PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES. Make sure you upload good photos to entice perspective guests.

What about insurance ?

UpClose-RV carries a General Liability policy that protects it hosts from cost of injury to a guest for up to $1,000,000 per occurrence. In addition to this we recommend that Hosts have their guests sign our standard liability waiver.

How much should I price my listing at?

The simple answer is to take a look at what campground prices are in your area. What can you offer as far as amenities and location. The national average price of a RV site is about $35 Dollars for full amenities. We have seen some sites as much as $180 a night depending on the season and location. Monthly rates are generally discounted from that by about 30-40%.

Why can't I book my reservation for tomorrow?

As a general rule we all like to know when a guest is visiting far enough in advance to be prepared for them. Our hosts are the same way, they would like some advance notice of when you are coming. Than is why we require bookings to be at least 48hrs ahead of your arrival time.

Why do I get charged for a daily rate when trying to reserve for a month.

There are several reasons this may be the case. The first is that your host has decided not to offer a monthly rate. If this is the case then you will be charged at the daily rate. Secondly, Monthly rates only kick in when you book 30 days or more. As an example if you book from From the 1st of November to and check out the 30th of November you are only staying 29days. This is short of the number of days required for a monthly booking discount.

How do I contact my host

When you find a listing you like (and have not yet booked) you can message the owner by clicking the link just under their profile picture. Labeled "Message Owner" (you will have to be logged in or if new to the system, you will need to set up a profile). This will open a text box that allows you to send a message to the host. If you have already completed a booking you will get a email that provides you information to contact them.

I am a host. What if someone offers me cash?

As the saying goes "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush" . When someone offers you cash, there are no guarantees. By booking through UpClose-RV and requiring an electronic payment, as a host, your payment is guaranteed. Barring appropriate cancelations, the funds are held until after the stay is complete and then released to you. UpClose-RV is the honest broker for payment ensuring a host doesn't get stiffed. Additonally, hosts choose a cancellation policy for a reason. Many hosts put time and effort in getting ready for a guest. If a guest cancels at the last minute, all that work is wasted. Finally, UpClose-RV’s modest fees go primarly to support the platform and pay for all the other benefits to include insurance

What makes you different than other similar businesses?

There are several things the make UpClose=RV a good choice. 1. The company was founded by veterans. Besides the CEO founding members encompass 3 generations of military service including one Women’s Army Corp member:) 2. There are no membership fees 3. Many of our sites have partial or full hook-ups (utilities) 4. Many of our sites allow longer term stays. 5. Philosophy: Property owners have worked hard for what they have and if they are willing to share it we believe they deserve some guaranteed recompense for doing so.

Veteran Owned Business