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A New Way To RV

UpClose RV

Getting Up Close

The reason you have an RV is to travel and get close to the place you want to visit. You are practical and realize you can have a great vacation while not breaking the bank. However, often when you arrive, you have trouble finding a decent RV park that is near where you want to be.

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They are crowded (especially during tourist season) or not as close. Suppose you wanted to visit Washington D.C and see the Cherry Blossom Festival. You would have to park your RV in several parks that are outside the city. Well if you know anything about the DC Metro area, it can take an extra hour and a half to two hours to commute in from the local RV parks. But what if you could get closer by parking at someone's property near a Metro station or close to the National Mall. You have saved time and money.

What we do

UpClose-RV provides a way to get in touch with people who are willing to let you park your vehicle on their property. These property owners list with us to offer you great venues and the ability to get closer to where you want to be. Just type a destination in the search field, and we will provide you a list of suggested properties from owners who live in the area convenient to where you want to visit. Just select the one you want, and we will walk you through the booking process.

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